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Artificial Intelligence in Head and Neck Cancer (Ari-HNC) Initiative

The Artificial Intelligence in Head and Neck Cancer (Arl-HNC) initiative was established by the HNCIG and its member organisations to promote collaboration, standardisation, acceleration, and adoption of applications of artificial intelligence and machine learning in head and neck cancer studies, research, and clinical practice.  


The initiative aims to develop a community of interested practitioners, clinicians, engineers, computer and data scientists, and patients who have an interest in this area, and who wish to work together to achieve these common aims.

The first output of the Ari-HNC initiative has been the multi-institutional TACTIC study ( run in collaboration with SavanaMed. The study aims to collate data on 25,000 patients with head and neck cancer from over 50 centres in 10 countries, using a machine learning, AI algorithm, developed by SavanaMed.

Please contact us at if you wish to register to join the Ari-HNC community.

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